Here is a centerpiece that is simple to make, using two glass or ceramic dishes, a parfait glass, a few gourds or small pumpkins (faux or real), some fall leaves and flowers  (also real or fake,) a small fireproof dish, and a pillar candle.

All you need

You’ll need two plates. One should be larger than the other.  They can be different colors or shapes, but should harmonize with your place settings on the rest of the table.  You will also need a parfait glass or small goblet.

Sundae cup

Place the larger plate on your table and set the parfait glass or goblet in the center.

Set up Sundae Cup

Center the smaller plate on top of the parfait glass.  If you are going to be moving the arrangement from one location to another, you will likely want to use some type of adhesive to hold them together.  Because we wanted to use the plates over again, we used some “sticky-tack” (available where office supplies are sold) to help them stay together without slipping. There are adhesives that can be used on glass or ceramic surfaces for permanent adhesion.

Layered dish

Decorations for centerpiece

Set the candle, in the fireproof dish, on the top layer. Arrange the pumpkins and gourds on both layers, and tuck some leaves and silk flowers in and around them, until you are pleased with the result.

Layered centerpiece

Your Thanksgiving table can be “Simply” Elegant!

Here are some touches to make your autumn table sparkle!



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