Beth's lit candlesBethany's candles

Our daughter Beth hollowed out and glittered mini pumpkins, then added pumpkin scented tea lights to make them really sparkle and shine. The pumpkins were easily glittered by painting them with white glue and shaking on clear glitter. She cut a round hole in the tops, the size of the tea light, and placed a wad of aluminum foil under the candle to bring it up level with the top of the pumpkin.

The table was based with a gold brocade tablecloth, purchased on clearance after Christmas the year before. She then laid out a dark brown table runner, from Dollar Tree, added some small fresh gourds and other pumpkins and sprinkled silk leaves and fall colored silk flowers among them.  She tied it all together with a rust colored ribbon wrapped through the arrangement.

Thanksgiving table again

The plates on the table were actually paper, but were huge and very pretty, enhancing rather than detracting from the table setting.  She set up rust colored napkins on each plate, and completed the look with emerald green “Arby’s” goblets and a couple of colorful collectible goblets we had on hand. Note: You may be able to find pretty goblets at the thrift store.

Take a look how to create an elegant centerpiece!

Decorations for centerpiece


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