Each month we compile the best buys for the month and season.  April has both Easter and Passover, this year, along with some great associated buys. There are great seasonal foods you’ll find here and you’ll also find a list of items available on clearance and MUCH more.   HAPPY SHOPPING!

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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, there are lots of Spring weather related items on sale this month. Non serious runners are getting back out on the roads, so April is one of the best months to buy running shoes, and other running gear. Spring projects are also underway, and you will find some good buys on home improvement supplies.

Its time to start your yard work, so you’ll see lots of plants, seeds and garden supplies at good prices. Many gardeners believe that Good Friday is the day to plant your potatoes. April 28 is Arbor day, you’re likely to find some good sales on trees.  If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, this is the time of year to consider purchasing one. If you decide to wait until the end of Summer, you might be able to find better buys, but will have less selection. Because the weather is neither hot nor cold, now is a bargain time to have a new furnace or air conditioning installed. The same goes for room air conditioners and fans.  They are best priced when it starts to get hot and again when it begins to cool down in the fall.



Passover and Easter are in the middle of April this year, so you’ll want to keep a look out for great prices on all the supplies to make a great dinner, including baking items, cake mixes and pie crusts. This year beef is a bargain again for the less expensive cuts.  The more expensive beef cuts are in limited supply, and you likely won’t save much. Eggs, butter and cheese are also traditionally cheaper this time of year, as well as hams.  I like to buy them when they are on sale and store extras in the freezer. You’ll find Kosher items on sale for Passover. Special Passover sales also include eggs, matzah, kosher products like grape juice and kosher lamb shanks. Keep your eyes open for after Easter candy clearances.  We can’t ever guarantee that those Cadbury eggs will be on clearance, but it is always worth it to check. 😉

You’ll also find that before Easter is the best time to find a great selection of dresses, suits and dressy shoes available – for women, men, boys and girls – and usually on sale. If you have plans to attend or be in weddings or other special events this Spring and Summer, now is a great time to find dressy clothing.

When shopping online, check out coupon codes for as much as 50% off your purchase and even free shipping. My favorite spot is Ebates.com because it also gives you money back from every purchase.  Use this link to sign up and save.  After your first $25 purchase, you can get an additional $10 back if you sign up on the link provided below.  I’ll also get compensated for referring you. Affiliate link
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You’ll start seeing sales in the middle of April for Mother’s day and Graduations.  April is a great time for pretty clothing, and jewelry. Want to have flowers sent to Mom for Mother’s day?  Get your orders in during the later part of April or early in May for some great bargains from online sources. Details will be available in the May Post.


Asparagus is in its prime as are strawberries, spinach, limes, salad greens, green peas and rhubarb. Fresh rhubarb may be expensive, but frozen is quite affordable.  April is also pineapple and mango season. What I’ve discovered while researching, is that different areas of the country have a lot of variations as to what is readily available for the best prices. Of course the freshest seasonal local produce is tastier and also most nutritious.  This link will show you what produce is in season for your state.   You can imagine that produce in season for Texas is quite different from Alaska, which has potatoes and carrots as the only seasonal produce listed for April.  This is one of the best months to buy organic or natural foods. It is wonderful that we can enjoy good produce year round simply by choosing frozen, canned or dried.



Now that the snow season is over (hope, hope!)  it is also the time to find bargains on snow boards, a new pair of snow skis, ski boots, or Winter outerwear for next season. You may still be able to find other Winter items on clearance, but don’t wait too long.

Winter clothing and boots are moved to clearance racks to make room for summer items, which are now appearing in stores. Not only will you find Winter clearance, but you’ll find sales on swim suits, pools and grills, as well as spring and summer clothing.



Traditionally Spring is a good time to check out electronic deals. It is the best time of year to get a new laptop or desktop computer. You’ll find some special deals on digital cameras as well as televisions. Many people get their tax refunds in April. Retailers want to take advantage of this, and offer some great buys on bigger ticket items.



New models of vacuum cleaners come out in June, so April is a good time to look into replacing your older model.  If you are looking for new large appliances, you’ll be able to find some good sales this month as well, but wait until May for the best prices.



Because folks tend to Spring clean in April, look for their cast off treasures at your favorite thrift store or flea market, and don’t forget yard, garage or tag sales. With the warmer weather there will soon be lots of those to check out.



If you can travel in the Spring, you will find some great prices on Cruises, Airfare and Hotels.  As usual the prices go up after Memorial day, and the wise traveler makes reservations while bargain priced seats or rooms are available. If you are planning to take a trip on July or August, now is the time to look for those tickets. You might consider doing something different and see the country by train!  Amtrack also has lots of special deals.


This also reminds me that spring is a great time to buy tires.  Lots of people are switching from Winter tires, so there are some great competitive prices available, and the price for gasoline is expected to remain fairly low. Maybe this year is the year for a road trip! Happy Motoring!!






  • April 9, 2017 at 5:36 am

    Great list, I pride myself on being a bargain shopper and a few of these I didn’t know. Will be on the lookout for some more sales now!

    • April 11, 2017 at 5:04 am

      Awwww! Thanks. Glad it was helpful to a great bargain shopper. It is my joy to research so I can be a help to shoppers around the country!

  • April 10, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    I had no idea about new vacuum models rolling out in June, making April a great time to get a current model. Great idea!

    I had noticed that asparagus dropped in price – now I know why!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • April 11, 2017 at 5:06 am

      We live right in the middle of asparagus country and harvest is just starting here. If the weather stays cooler, we expect a great crop this year. We had a well watered winter (tons of snow!)


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