Where I live, here on the first day of September, the weather is currently still hovering around 100*F, but there is a promise of cooler days as we head into the month. The kids are back in school here and my friends are looking to get them the supplies they need while saving money. Here are some frugal shopping tips for September that will help you experience the best of both worlds.

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You’ll find discounts as high as 70% for the best buys of the year on grills, lawnmowers, yard equipment, patio furniture, and camping supplies like tents, sleeping bags and accessories.

During summer clearance days last year we were able to get a new weed eater and the year before a great self propelled lawn mower.


If you missed out on the best buys of the year for mattresses, which are traditionally around Memorial day, you still have an opportunity for some super deals on mattresses during much of September. There are some amazing innovations in mattresses to ensure that all can have a great nights sleep, and several mattress firms are offering to give donations of new mattresses, pillows and blankets to those effected by Hurricane Harvey.


As expected, now is the time to find discounts on clearance summer clothing and shoes, but ALSO, there are still some great back to school clothing buys and some wonderful buys for other fall clothes and accessories. September is one of the best times to buy underwear and socks as well, with many “buy one get one for half price” deals .

With a little bit of patience you can get GREAT deals on the rest of your fall clothing. Jeans will be at their best prices next month (October) when retailers need to start clearing their shelves for Christmas product. You’ll probably have to wait a bit for the best deals on sweaters, coats and boots. If you are able to wait, the best prices for boots will come in December and early January. Often you can save more than half online by using coupon codes which are easily found on my favorite savings site, Ebates, where you can also get cash back on your purchases as well as cash for referring others! 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
Don’t forget that thrift stores are also a good place to stock up on school clothes, and many have special half price deals for labor day.


Amazon now has a new program with a low monthly charge to help eligible families afford Prime. Check out the link provided above.


Though the best prices for school supplies are generally found in August, you’ll find that September is still a great time to stock up on school and office supplies. As retailers realize that they’ve overstocked pens, notebooks, folders and other school supplies, you are likely to find some great clearance deals.

Back to school time means savings on electronic tablets, notebooks, desk tops and laptop computers.

If you have or are a college student who needs to buy books, check out Amazon.com, which has a FREE six months Prime Membership for college students, that generally beats the bookstore prices and delivers most things free in two business days.


Early September is a great time for hamburger and hot dog buns, ground beef, hot dogs, soft drinks and picnic supplies.

You’ll find great cereal and breakfast bar buys, as well as good prices for peanut butter, drink boxes, individual serving snacks, foods and other supplies for school lunch boxes.

Beef, chicken and pork prices for September look like they will remain the same or decrease slightly from previous months, and egg prices have looked good recently.

This month is also the most wonderful time of the year for super fresh produce with great deals. I live in Central Washington State, “The Fruit Bowl of the Nation,” where apples, pears, peaches, grapes, nectarines and other lovely fresh fruit are currently being picked, just down the road from where we live. (Don’t be Jealous!) It also is a great time for preserving them for later.

 Check out this chart  for the freshest produce for your state. Don’t simply depend on this, because it only gives an idea of what is most likely to be at its peak for this time or year.



The new iPhone 8 is scheduled to release September 12 and pre-orders may be available as early as September 15. It is likely that they will be in stores on the 22nd and may not be readily available until 2018, with a price of around $1,000. The updated new iPhone 7s and iPhone7sPlus may be a better option. Of course older iPhones will likely be priced lower and as other Apple products are introduced in the fall, the older ones will be discounted also.

Samsung will likely bring out the Samsung Galaxy s9 in January 2018 as competition. Look for good prices in the next few months on older models.


Some of the best early deals for holiday travel start in September. Make your plans now and you won’t have to scramble for great deals later. Filling extra seats with bargain prices insures that airplanes don’t travel with lots of empty seats.

Reserving rental vehicles should be done early, because the best deals disappear quickly. It is also recommended that you reserve hotel rooms soon too, considering that prices go down after Labor Day. You often can do better by combining hotels and air travel.


Because of concerns from Hurricane Harvey the price of fuel will go up higher in September, but shouldn’t go too high.Harvey caused a bit of a flurry of concern over gasoline production. Actually only one refinery was shut down and the supply should soon be back to normal. It shouldn’t be any concern and shouldn’t cause any changes in travel, as long as the general public doesn’t get frantic and attempt to hoard it for themselves.


With these shopping tips, you should be able to pick up some good summer clearance deals, as well as stock up on the items you’ll be needing for early autumn. Look for more great shopping tips in October.

Marjie Briggs is a Consumer Scientist / Home Economist who regularly shares the best things to buy each month or season.

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